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  1. Political repression disguised as Civic Mindedness: Operation Murambatsvina one year later / Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum 2006-11-17 . - 48 p.

  2. Zimbabwe: No justice for the victims of forced eviction / Amnesty International 2006-09-06 . - 35 p.
    Zimbabwe's housing policy is built on a foundation of failures and lies.

  3. "Meltdown" Murambatsvina one year on / Solidarity Peace Trust 2006-08-30 . - 74 p.
    A year after the start of forced removals by Operation Murambatsvina, what happened to people whose homes and livelihoods were destroyed by this campaign?

  4. Zimbabwe: Shattered Lives - The Case of Porta Farm / Amnesty International; Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights 2006-03-31 . - 25 p.
    On 27 June 2005, approximately one month after the start of Operation Murambatsvina ("Restore Order"), police came to Porta Farm telling residents to pack up their property and leave their homes. Early in the morning of 28 June, a convoy of vehicles and heavily armed police descended on Porta Farm.

  5. The impact of Operation Murambatsvina / clean up on the working people in Zimbabwe / Sachinkonye, Lloyd 2006-03-01 . - 64 p.
    A report prepared for the Labour and Economic Development Research Institute of Zimbabwe (LEDRIZ).

  6. Evicted and Forsaken: Internally Displaced Persons in the Aftermath of Operation Murambatsvina / Human Rights Watch 2005-12-01 . - 62 p.
    The Zimbabwean government is refusing to protect and assist hundreds of thousands of people displaced by its campaign of forced evictions. It has created a humanitarian crisis in which hundreds of thousands of people are now living without food, water or shelter.

  7. "Crime of poverty" : Murambatsvina part II - incoporating: "Hide and seek": An account of finding the forcibly displaced in rural Matabeleland, July Ė September 2005 / Solidarity Peace Trust 2005-10-19 . - 76 p.
    The ongoing plight of the poor in Zimbabwe as a result of operation Murambatsvina.

  8. "Clear the Filth": Mass Evictions and Demolitions in Zimbabwe / Human Rights Watch 2005-09-11 . - 42 p.
    In its policy of forced evictions and mass displacement, the Zimbabwean government has violated the human rights of hundreds of thousands of its citizens.

  9. Zimbabwe: Increased Securitisation of the State? / Maroleng, Chris; Institute for Security Studies 2005-09-07 . - 14 p.
    ZANU-PF has decided to go it alone by using its majority to definitively crush all opposition in the country.

  10. Zimbabwe's Operation Murambatsvina: The Tipping Point? / International Crisis Group 2005-08-17 . - 31 p.
    Operation Murambatsvina/Restore Order costs some 700,000 Zimbabweans their homes and/or livelihoods. Action is urgently needed to address Zimbabwe's crisis: maintain overt international pressure, support building internal political capacity and, above all, active regional diplomacy to facilitate political transition.

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