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  1. allAfrica.com - Zimbabwe
    Mauritius; Washington: AllAfrica Global Media
    News portal on Zimbabwe

  2. Business Tribune, The
    Harare, Zimbabwe
    Thursday weekly, owned by Mutumwa Mawere, ally of ZANU-PF faction of General Vitalis Gava Zvinavashe, former commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, and Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, Speaker of Parliament.

  3. Chronicle, The
    Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
    Government controlled newspaper published in Bulawayo, Matabeleland

  4. Daily Mirror
    Harare, Zimbabwe
    Daily, part of the Mirror Group, founded by Ibbo Mandaza, president of the Southern African Publishing House (Pvt.) Ltd that published the Southern African Political Economy Series and SAPEM (inactive). Sister: the Sunday Mirror.

  5. Daily News, The
    Harare, Zimbabwe
    Daily newspaper, privately owned (by Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe). Forbidden by the Zimbabwe Courts on 12th Sept 2003. Succeeded under www.daily-news.co.za, as Friends of the Daily News (South Africa).

  6. Financial Gazette, The
    Harare, Zimbabwe
    Privately owned business weekly, published on Thursday

  7. Herald, The
    Harare, Zimbabwe
    Government controlled newspaper.

  8. Standard, The
    Harare, Zimbabwe
    Privately owned Sunday newspaper.

  9. Sunday Mail, The
    Harare, Zimbabwe
    Government controlled newspaper.

  10. Sunday Mirror, The
    Harare, Zimbabwe
    Privately owned daily/weekly newspaper published by SAPES Trust, founded by Ibbo Mandaza. Formerly called Zimbabwe Mirror

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