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  1. "Crime of poverty" : Murambatsvina part II - incoporating: "Hide and seek": An account of finding the forcibly displaced in rural Matabeleland, July Ė September 2005 / Solidarity Peace Trust 2005-10-19 . - 76 p.
    The ongoing plight of the poor in Zimbabwe as a result of operation Murambatsvina.

  2. No war in Zimbabwe: an account of the exodus of a nation's people / Solidarity Peace Trust 2004-11-19 . - 100 p.
    Zimbabweans are now the second biggest group of foreign Africans in South Africa. Yet there is little formal information available on their situation. Very few are being officially recorded as political refugees.

  3. Profile of internal displacement: Zimbabwe / Global IDP Project 2004-09-07 . - 30 p.
    Internal displacement in Zimbabwe has been caused by various internal and external factors that have since the late 1990s assured the country's severe economic and social decline. Population movements have become an increasingly visible and common reality against a backdrop of political violence and a critical humanitarian situation.

  4. Analysis of the situation of displaced farm workers in Zimbabwe / Refugees International 2004-08-13 . - 11 p.
    The victims of land reform and violence.

  5. An analysis of the cause and effect of the brain drain in Zimbabwe / Chetsanga, C.J. and T.B. Muchenje; Scientific and Industrial Research and Development Centre 2003-07-27 . - 110 p.

  6. Profile of internal displacement: Zimbabwe / Global IDP Project 2003-07-15 . - 26 p.
    Information on major displacement patterns, existing coping strategies and the most urgent humanitarian needs of people displaced by political violence and by the fast track "land reform" in Zimbabwe.

  7. The new brain drain from Zimbabwe / Tevera, Daniel S., and Jonathan Crush; Southern African Migration Project 2003-07-01 . - 37 p.
    Why are so many Zimbabweans thinking seriously about leaving?

  8. The situation of commercial farm workers after land reform in Zimbabwe / Farm Community Trust of Zimbabwe; by Lloyd Sachikonye 2003-03-31 . - 93 p.

  9. Report on internally displaced farm workers: survey Kadoma, Chegutu and KweKwe districts / Zimbabwe Community Development Trust 2003-02-01 . - 24 p.

  10. Zimbabwe emergency food security and vulnerability assessment report / Zimbabwe National Vulnerabilty Assessment Committee 2002-12-20 . - 40 p.

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