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  1. Difficult dialogue: Zimbabwe-South Africa economic relations since 2000 / Solidarity Peace Trust 2007-10-23 . - 44 p.
    Is South African business profiting from the Zimbabwe crisis?

  2. Destructive Engagement - violence, mediation and politics in Zimbabwe / Solidarity Peace Trust 2007-07-10 . - 44 p.
    Against the background of erosion of legitimacy of the regime and an economy in freefall, the state has responded with characteristic brutality and contempt for its citizenry. What are the chances for mediation?

  3. Zimbabwe: an end to the stalement? / International Crisis Group 2007-03-05 . - 28 p.
    Is Mugabe's own ruling party falling apart?

  4. Zimbabwe’s Continuing Self-Destruction / International Crisis Group 2006-06-06 . - 20 p.
    With scheduled presidential elections less than 18 months away, Zimbabwe faces the prospect of greater insecurity and violence.

  5. Zimbabwe: Increased Securitisation of the State? / Maroleng, Chris; Institute for Security Studies 2005-09-07 . - 14 p.
    ZANU-PF has decided to go it alone by using its majority to definitively crush all opposition in the country.

  6. Post-Election Zimbabwe: What Next? / International Crisis Group 2005-06-07 . - 29 p.
    Unless the international community starts planning together for a peaceful transition to democracy, Zimbabwe faces greater violence and chaos.

  7. Free and fair?: Zimbabwe election focus / International Bar Association 2005-03-25 . - 10 p.
    Leading figures from the Zimbabwean and South African legal profession and civil society on the March 31 elections.

  8. Not a Level Playing Field: Zimbabwe’s 2005 Parliamentary Elections / Human Rights Watch 2005-03-21 . - 35 p.
    Governments of the SADC must look at Zimbabwe's entire electoral process.

  9. Consolidated Election Climate No. 1 – Feb 2005 / National Constitutional Commission 2005-03-18 . - 76 p.
    This report shows that political violence is widespread, and, although actual physical violence is reduced on previous elections, hate speech, threats, and intimidation are widely reported. This would strongly suggest that the psychological climate is severely lacking currently in Zimbabwe.

  10. The face of torture and organised crime: torture and organised violence in the run-up to the 31 March 2005 general Parliamentary elections / Redress Trust 2005-03-17 . - 21 p.
    What observers arriving in Zimbabwe before the election might not see is the cumulative result of the passed five years: fear, hopelessness and despondency.

  77 items  >>
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