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  1. Difficult dialogue: Zimbabwe-South Africa economic relations since 2000 / Solidarity Peace Trust 2007-10-23 . - 44 p.
    Is South African business profiting from the Zimbabwe crisis?

  2. Destructive Engagement - violence, mediation and politics in Zimbabwe / Solidarity Peace Trust 2007-07-10 . - 44 p.
    Against the background of erosion of legitimacy of the regime and an economy in freefall, the state has responded with characteristic brutality and contempt for its citizenry. What are the chances for mediation?

  3. A criminal state : a statement and a brief chronicle of events in Zimbabwe 18 February Ė 22 March / Solidarity Peace Trust 2007-03-24 . - 12 p.

  4. Policing the state: An evaluation of 1,981 political arrests in Zimbabwe, 2000-2005 / Institute for Justice and Reconciliation and Solidarity Peace Trust 2006-12-04 . - 64 p.
    The growth of police brutality in Zimbabwe since 2000.

  5. Zimbabwe's failure to meet the Benchmarks in the Cotonou Agreement / Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum 2006-12-01 . - 17 p.
    What steps has the Zimbabwe Government taken towards or away from the Cotonou benchmarks as agreed upon by the EU and the ACP countries?

  6. Political repression disguised as Civic Mindedness: Operation Murambatsvina one year later / Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum 2006-11-17 . - 48 p.

  7. 'You Will Be Thoroughly Beaten': The Brutal Suppression of Dissent in Zimbabwe / Human Rights Watch 2006-11-01 . - 32 p.
    The Zimbabwean government has intensified its campaign to suppress peaceful dissent.

  8. Politicisation of aid: the Manicaland experience / Zimbabwe Peace Project 2006-09-25 . - 24 p.
    Politicisation of food aid, health care has been going on unabated in most provinces and Manicaland is no exception.

  9. The Zimbabwe we want: towards a national vision for Zimbabwe / Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference, Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Council of Churches 2006-09-18 . - 44 p.
    For a national debate to secure the future of the nation that is paralyzed by its worst economic and political crisis since Independence 26 years ago.

  10. Zimbabwe: No justice for the victims of forced eviction / Amnesty International 2006-09-06 . - 35 p.
    Zimbabwe's housing policy is built on a foundation of failures and lies.

  177 items  >>
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Difficult dialogue: Zimbabwe-South Africa economic relations since 2000
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Increasing repression, what are the chances for mediation by South African president Mbeki?
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