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  1. Zimbabwe: facts and fictions / Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum 2005-11-21 . - 58 p.
    An audit of the recommendations of the fact-finding mission of the African Commission on Human and People's Rights

  2. The S.A.D.C. Electoral Principles and Guidelines, and Zimbabwe’s new electoral legislation : an evaluation / Zimbabwe Election Support Network 2005-01-28 . - 48 p.
    Do the new electoral laws comply with the SADC principles?

  3. Zimbabwe's Non-Governmental Organizations Bill: out of sync with SADC standards and a threat to civil society groups / Human Rights Watch 2004-12-03 . - 20 p.
    The Bill will effectively eliminate all organizations involved in promoting and defending human rights in Zimbabwe.

  4. SADC principles and guidelines governing democratic elections (Grand Baie Principles) / Southern African Development Community 2004-08-17 . - 5 p.
    To enhance the transparency and credibility of elections and democratic governance, and to ensure the acceptance of election results by all contesting parties.

  5. Zimbabwe: in search of a new strategy / International Crisis Group 2004-04-19 . - 30 p.
    Getting Zimbabwe's March 2005 parliamentary elections right may be the country's last chance to avoid becoming a failed state. How to do this?

  6. The case of Henry Dowa: the United Nations and Zimbabwe under the spotlight / Redress Trust 2004-01-26 . - 22 p.
    In May 2003 it came out that an allegedly notorious Zimbabwean police torturer, Henry Dowa, was in Kosovo working for the civilian police (CIVPOL) of the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK).

  7. Zimbabwe, the Abuja Agreement and Commonwealth Principles: Compliance or Disregard? / Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum 2003-09-08 . - 46 p.

  8. SADC Charter of Fundamental Social Rights / Southern African Development Community 2003-08-25 . - 7 p.
    This SADC Social Charter aims to ensure harmonious labour relations, through basic human and organisational rights etc.

  9. Secretary-General's report to the Commonwealth Chairpersons' Committee on Zimbabwe / Don McKinnon; Commonwealth Troika 2003-04-09 . - 29 p.

  10. Executive Order: Blocking property of persons undermining democratic processes or institutions in Zimbabwe / Office of the Press Secretary, The White House 2003-03-07 . - 5 p.

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