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  1. Difficult dialogue: Zimbabwe-South Africa economic relations since 2000 / Solidarity Peace Trust 2007-10-23 . - 44 p.
    Is South African business profiting from the Zimbabwe crisis?

  2. Post-Election Zimbabwe: What Next? / International Crisis Group 2005-06-07 . - 29 p.
    Unless the international community starts planning together for a peaceful transition to democracy, Zimbabwe faces greater violence and chaos.

  3. Zimbabwe: Another Election Chance / International Crisis Group 2004-11-30 . - 26 p.
    A small opportunity exists to return the crisis to legitimate political discourse in the next months.

  4. No war in Zimbabwe: an account of the exodus of a nation's people / Solidarity Peace Trust 2004-11-19 . - 100 p.
    Zimbabweans are now the second biggest group of foreign Africans in South Africa. Yet there is little formal information available on their situation. Very few are being officially recorded as political refugees.

  5. South Africa and Zimbabwe / comp. by SARPN 2004-11-18 . - 32 p.
    The debate around South Africa-Zimbabwe relations has heated up since the expulsion of the COSATU mission to Zimbabwe. A selection of the ANC-COSATU-SACP alliance conflicting viewpoints.

  6. Quiet diplomacy in Zimbabwe: a case study of South Africa in Africa / Lodge, Tom 2004-10-27 . - 10 p.
    Paper for a presentation at the Africa Studies Centre, Leiden, the Netherlands.

  7. Blood and soil: land politics and conflict prevention in Zimbabwe and South Africa / International Crisis Group 2004-09-17 . - 221 p.
    Tensions over land and race, which have already contributed much to Zimbabwe's political and economic collapse, are rising in South Africa as well. New approaches are needed.

  8. "Why my heart sank when I read Magnus Linklater's commentary on the appearance of Robert Mugabe at Thabo Mbekiís Inauguration Ceremony in The Times" - a textanalytical essay / Englert, Birgit 2004-07-01 . - 7 p.
    Bias and old-fashioned arrogance in the British press.

  9. Inheriting the earth: land reform in southern Africa / Sachinkonye, Lloyd M. 2004-05-01 . - 32 p.
    Land reform in southern Africa has so far failed to address the deeply rooted social, economic and political inequalities.

  10. Zimbabwe: in search of a new strategy / International Crisis Group 2004-04-19 . - 30 p.
    Getting Zimbabwe's March 2005 parliamentary elections right may be the country's last chance to avoid becoming a failed state. How to do this?

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