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  1. Stolen : how the elections were rigged : MDC report on the March 2005 Parliamentary Elections / Movement for Democratic Change 2005-04-12 . - 62 p.
    Report with evidence to substantiate the MDC's position that the elections cannot be judged free and fair.

  2. Report on the 2005 Zimbabwe parliamentary election: assessed using the SADC Principles and Guidelines governing Democratic Elections / Zimbabwe Observer Mission 2005-04-08 . - 13 p.
    Based on the present evidence and analysis of the SADC guidelines, the coalition cannot pronounce the elections as being free and fair without qualification.

  3. Final Report on the March 2005 Parliamentary Elections in Zimbabwe / Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights 2005-04-06 . - 78 p.
    The Zimbabwean authorities have failed, on most accounts, to ensure a free and fair electoral process. Independent observers' report.

  4. "What happened on Thursday night": An account of how ZANU PF rigged the Parliamentary Elections / Sokwanele special report 2005-04-05 . - 2 p.
    Account of the events of the evening and night following poll on Thursday 31 March, specifically between 7.00 pm when voting ended and 11.00 p.m. During these few hours ZANU-PF's central rigging strategy was carried out.

  5. Observaties van een niet officiële verkiezingswaarnemer: parlementsverkiezingen Zimbabwe 2005 / Hermes, Peter 2005-04-05 . - 21 p.
    Een wrang verslag.

  6. SADC Election Observer Mission Press Statement / SADC 2005-04-01 . - 2 p.
    SADCís overall view is that the Zimbabwe elections were conducted in an open, transparent and professional manner, and that voters were able to express their franchise peacefully, freely and unhindered.

  7. Election update 2005 Zimbabwe no.2 / EISA 2005-03-31 . - 16 p.
    Covering the election preparation stage (analysis from constituency delimitation to setting of the election date, voter registration, etc.).

  8. Things Fall Apart: The 2005 Parliamentary Election, Prospects of True Democracy in Zimbabwe / Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition 2005-03-30 . - 9 p.
    Zimbabwe has witnessed five years of sustained and systematic human rights violations, primarily by the state and its various agencies of power and force.

  9. Breaking news: elections results Zimbabwe / Kubatana 2005-03-30
    Breakings news on elections, results, and related documents provided by the Kubatana: the NGO Network Alliance Project. Refresh.

  10. It's the count that counts: food for thought - reviewing hte pre-election period in Zimbabwe / Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum 2005-03-30 . - 17 p.
    The chief culprit, this time around, ahead of violence and the closure of democratic space, is the politicisation of food handouts.

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