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  1. Mapping Conflict Motives: Eastern DRC / Spittaels, Steven; Filip Hilgert 2008-03-04 . - 40 p.
    Case-study on the Congolese provinces of North-Kivu and Northern South-Kivu, and the actors CNDP (Nkunda), FDLR, FARDC and local Mayi-Mayi groups.

  2. Key Mining Contracts in Katanga: the economic argument for renegotiation / Rights and Accountability in Development 2007-04-12 . - 21 p.
    There is a need to review the copper and cobalt agreements. The deals with a number of foreign privaye companies has stripped the DRC's state-mining company Gécamines of virtually all its assets.

  3. Carving up the Congo / Greenpeace 2007-04-10 . - 92 p.
    The threats to the world's second largest tropical rainforest.

  4. Public private partnerships in the DRC’s mining sector: Development, good governance and the struggle against corruption? / 11.11.11, ASADHO/Katanga, BIC, CEPAS, Fatal Transactions, NiZA, RAID, RODHERIC 2007-03-13 . - 32 p.
    Recommendations on how the current and future mining contracts can make a positive contribution in the DRC.

  5. The legal aspects of the Kimberley Process / Frans Schram; IPIS; NiZA; Fatal Transactions 2007-01-11 . - 38 p.
    The juridical meanders that led up to the KPCS, might prove to constitute an instructive precedent.

  6. Les conditions de vie et de travail des creuseurs artisanaux de diamant de la Ville de Mbuji Mayi, RD Congo / Lubamba, Jean-Baptiste ; CENADEP 2006-12-07 . - 56 p.
    Exploités par les sponsors, asphyxiés par des taxes fictives, les creuseurs artisanaux sont des esclaves du temps moderne.

  7. Zicht op duurzaamheid? Transparantie in productieketens onderzocht / red. Carolien Ceton en Sanne van der Wal; MVO Platform 2006-12-06 . - 123 p.
    Overheidsinitiatieven te kort schieten bij het stimuleren van maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen.

  8. Poisoned Spaces : Manufacturing wealth, producing poverty : The groundwork Report 2006 / Hallowes, David; and Victor Munnik 2006-10-20 . - 196 p.
    The lack of environmental justice in the Vaal Triangle, South Africa.

  9. Securing Congo’s Elections: Lessons from the Kinshasa Showdown / International Crisis Group 2006-10-02 . - 12 p.
    Violent unrest is likely in Congo's second round of elections. How to prevent it?

  10. Corporate Social Responsibilty Practices in Small-scale Mining on the Copperbelt, Zambia / Lungo, John, and Adrian Shikwe 2006-09-01 . - 57 p.
    A study of the operations, profitability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices in Zambia.

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