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5 December 2003
Violence in Zimbabwe hits both white and black citizens

According to Zimbabwe Watch and NiZA the Dutch documentairy 'Blanke Angst' (White Fear; NCRV Dokwerk) about violence against white farmers in Zimbabwe underexposes the fate of the black Zimbabweans. (more in Dutch)

30 October 2003
UN Security Council threatens to tolerate pillage in DR Congo

The pillage of natural resources in the DRC threatens to go on undiminished, although the UN Security Council knows about the seriousness of the problem.
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27 October 2003
UN Must Address Corporate Involvement in Congo Conflict

The UN Security Council should insist that member states launch immediate investigations into the involvement of multinational corporations accused of profiteering from the war in the DR Congo, said a leading group of international human rights, environmental and aid organizations today. This week the Security Council will examine the third and final report of a Panel of Experts that it established in June 2000 to examine illegal exploitation of resources in the DRC.

22 October 2003
Statement on the Final Report on the Illegal Exploitation of Resources in the DRC
A number of member governments of the OECD and multinational companies are anxiously awaiting the final report concerning the illegal exploitation of natural resources in DR Congo. It will be presented to the UN Security Council at the end of October.

15 September 2003
Zimbabwe: Daily News banned

The Zimbabwean newspaper Daily News was banned on 12 and on 20 permanently September. It was the only independent daily in Zimbabwe.

26 February 2003
Zimbabwe Watch will hold Dutch Cricket Union responsible for violence at cricket match in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Watch will hold the Royal Dutch Cricket Union (KNCB) morally responsible for the violence the Mugabe regime may unleash on demonstrations against the cricket match Netherlands–Zimbabwe in Bulawayo on Friday, February 28.
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30 January 2003
Cricket boycott in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Watch protests against participation of the Dutch cricket-team at the World Cricket Cup in Zimbabwe. A majority of the Dutch political parties agree. The Dutch Cricket Federation still plans to go.

16 January 2003
Open letter to Dutch Cricket Board

Zimbabwe Watch protests against the playing of the Dutch cricketers in Zimbabwe during the World Cup Cricket.

16 January 2003
Open Letter to the Dutch politicians

Zimbabwe Watch asks the Dutch politicians to take a stance on Human rights over cricket
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