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18 December 2002
Diamonds, Peace and Progress in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Report of the Brussels conference of 18-19 Sept. 2002 and recommendations

6 November 2002
NGOs cautiously welcome the launch of Kimberley Process
Non-Government Organisations representing a broad coalition welcomed the decision to launch the Kimberley-Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) from January 1, 2003. But concerns remain.

1 November 2002
Diamond dealers frustrate scheme to stop blood diamonds

KimberleyProcess: Diamond dealers threaten to obstruct the effective carry out of a certification scheme for diamonds. Thus keeping their business involved in bloody wars. Industry should act now, or the trade in blood diamonds can not be stopped.

29 July 2002
Zimbabwe Watch worried about starvation opposition

Zimbabwe Watch is worried about the starvation of the opposition. More and more sources reveal that government party ZANU-Pf of president Mugabe only distributes food to people who can show a ZANU-Pf membership card. In areas where the opposition is strong, the government does not distribute any food at all. (in Dutch)

5 July 2002
À la Carte Southern Africa
5 October 2002: Lively programme to get in touch with southern Africa.
(Read more in Dutch...)

29 May 2002
NiZA Thesis Reward for research to neo-colonialism in wildpark-project
The NiZA Essay reward 2001 goes to Harold Kolkman. The reward, an initiative of Netherlands instituut for Southern Africa (NiZA) and Nuffic, implies 6000 euro for his follow up research "Transfrontier Conservation in southern Africa; between reality and dream". (More in Dutch...)

14 March 2002
Zimbabwe Watch Statement on Presidential Elections

Zimbabwe Watch is of the opinion that the election process which encompasses the pre-election, polling days and post election was seriously flawed and cannot be said to be "free and fair".

13 March 2002
Zimbabwaanse verkiezingen: hoe nu verder?

"De internationale gemeenschap moet de oppositiepartij Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) steunen, en ook de druk op zuidelijk Afrikaanse regeringen verhogen."

18 February 2002
Head office Zimbabwean opposition besieged

Five to six thousand waeponed young people have besieged the head office of the Zimbabwean opposition party Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). (More in Dutch...)

14 February 2002
EU should not make a fool of itself

President Mugabe does not want to admit election monitors from the Netherlands, Great-Britain, Germany, Sweden or Finland to watch the Zimbawean presidential elections. The European Union makes a fool of itself if it would agree on this, say Peter Hermes en Wiep Bassie. (More in Dutch...)

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