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About Zimbabwe Watch

Zimbabwe Watch is an independent coalition of organisations in the Netherlands that contributes to the creation of a democratic Zimbabwe, a Zimbabwe that respects human rights and treaties.
The coalition undertakes common analysis, lobbying and advocacy work with this goal. Zimbabwe Watch links up with and strengthens local and regional Civil Society.

Short term

  • To maintain space for humanitarian and democratic action in Zimbabwe
  • To depoliticise humanitarian aid in Zimbabwe
  • To put an end to political violence in Zimbabwe

Mid term
  • To attain in Zimbabwe a state under the rule of law which respects fundamental rights
  • To work towards free and fair elections in Zimbabwe

The Dutch NGO's started a discussion group in 2000 as the first cases of political violence appeared. In the run-up to the presidential elections on March 9 and 10, the situation in Zimbabwe has worsened dramatically. It was time for more appropriate action from the NGO side. Thus the formation of Zimbabwe Watch.

Political violence, torture, murder and disappearances of opposition members, impunity and the disregard of the judicial system is an everyday problem nowadays in Zimbabwe. Western based and Zimbabwean NGO's are working hard to improve the current situation in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Watch tries to influence governments and governmental networks as the EU, SADC and the United Nations to put pressure on the Zimbabwean government to move towards a democratic Zimbabwe. Political and economic sanctions could be useful means in this regard. Zimbabwe Watch considers a democratic process before, during and after the elections of the utmost importance.
shortcut to documents on:
operation Murambatsvina-Restore Order†|†election 2005†|†human rights†|†repressive legislation
South African policy†|† EU policy†(official documents EU Council, external link)

Recent documents:
Difficult dialogue: Zimbabwe-South Africa economic relations since 2000
Solidarity Peace Trust, Oct 23, 2007
To what extent is South African business profiting from the crisis in Zimbabwe?
Destructive Engagement: violence, mediation and politics in Zimbabwe
Solidarity Peace Trust, July 10, 2007
Increasing repression, what are the chances for mediation by South African president Mbeki?
Zimbabwe: an end to the stalemate?
International Crisis Group, March 5, 2007
Is Mugabe finally loosing his grip on power?