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Remembering NiZA in your will

The Dutch treasury will pay part of your legacy if you decide to remember the Netherlands institute for Southern Africa (NiZA) in your will. In the Netherlands, death duties (‘successierechten’) are not fixed but depend on, among other things, the relationship between the testator or the testatrix and the beneficiary.

Duties for spouses and children may amount to 27% and for other beneficiaries to up to 68%. However, the death duty on bequests to a charitable cause, such as NiZA, only amounts to 11%. This means that NiZA only has to pay 11% death duty and is able to use the remaining 89% for its work.

For more information about legacies to the Netherlands institute for Southern Africa, contact Angèle Mann.
Telephone 31 (0)20 520 62 10

For additional information: Tax Office 0800 0543 (free) or (Tax Office)

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