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Become a NiZA sponsor!

Becoming a sponsor is quite easy. You may authorize NiZA to debit a fixed donation to your bank account once every month, 3 months, 6 months or year by means of a standing order. Thus you are ensured that your contribution will reach NiZA in time, while NiZA will economize on transfer charges.

Those who donate Ä10 or more per year will receive the quarterly publication for sponsors entitled NiZA Informatie, a colourful publication that offers, among other things, news from the region (in Dutch).

You can download your standing order (automatic_transfer_form.doc (25 Kb)). If you do not have a printer, order a form by email and send to NiZA. If you do not live in The Netherlands, please ask your bank to arrange your transfer.

Thank you very much, also on behalf of our partners in southern Africa!

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