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  1. Relatório Anual sobre o Estado da Liberdade de Imprensa em Moçambique em 2006 / Media Institute of Southern Africa - Moçambique 2007-08-16 . - 107 p.

  2. The Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act: five year on / MISA-Zimbabwe 2007-06-29 . - 88 p.
    A chronicle of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act's (AIPPA) onslaught on media freedom, freedom of expression and the civil liberties of the citizens in Zimbabwe.

  3. A criminal state : a statement and a brief chronicle of events in Zimbabwe 18 February – 22 March / Solidarity Peace Trust 2007-03-24 . - 12 p.

  4. State of Media Report 2006 / Media Institute of Southern Africa; Zimbabwe Chapter 2006-12-01 . - 38 p.
    Record of incidents of media freedom violations in Zimbabwe monitored by MISA in 2006.

  5. Outside the ballot box: preconditions for elections in southern Africa 2005/6 / Minnie, Jeanette ed.; MISA 2006-11-15 . - 210 p.
    Assessment of the conditions in the SADC countries where elections took place. Includes French and Portuguese texts.

  6. 'You Will Be Thoroughly Beaten': The Brutal Suppression of Dissent in Zimbabwe / Human Rights Watch 2006-11-01 . - 32 p.
    The Zimbabwean government has intensified its campaign to suppress peaceful dissent.

  7. ’30 millions de dollars et la trahison du Maréchal’ et ‘Coupage, Frais de Voyage’ / Groenink, Evelyn; Bram Posthumus 2006-07-24
    Dossiers sur les investigations dans l’assassinat de Franck Ngyke Kangundu et le financement des médias au RDC.
    Also available in English: An investigation into the murder of Franck Ngyke Kangundu and the corrupt media climate in the DR Congo.

  8. Franck Ngyke : Le mystère Rapport d’enquête sur l’assassinat du journaliste Franck Ngyke Kangundu et de son épouse Hélène Paka (du 3 Novembre 2005 au 31 Janvier 2006) / Journaliste en Danger 2006-02-14

  9. Legislation archives / Kubatana 2006-02-09
    Overview of current status of legislation in Zimbabwe, regularly updated.

  10. DR Congo - Elections in sight: "Don't Rock the Boat"? / Human Rights Watch 2005-12-15
    Ongoing divisions in the national army and government repression of civil liberties put the prospect for a peaceful and credible elections at risk.

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