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13 April 2007
Dissidente studentenleiders uit Zimbabwe in Nova
Washington Katema en Tendai Mudehwe vertelden gisteravond uit eigen ervaring over de huidige explosieve situatie in Zimbabwe. Ze zijn in Nederland op uitnodiging van ZimbabweWatch.
De uitzending is te bekijken op:

3 April 2007
I write as I please - biweekly column by Wilf Mbanga
When Mugabe sent his storm troops to beat senseless the leaders of opposition and civil groups, as well as defenceless members of the public, even he did not anticipate the consequences that would reverberate around the world...

22 March 2007
I write as I please - biweekly column by Wilf Mbanga
The government of Zimbabwe has declared war on the people of Zimbabwe. The past 10 days has been unprecedented, even given the turbulent history of my country.
Barely a month after police brutality saw street battles with MDC supporters in Highfield high density suburb, another serious clash looms this Sunday when the Save Zimbabwe Campaign has planned to hold a rally there.

14 March 2007
Zimbabwe: medewerkers partnerorganisaties NiZA gearresteerd, mishandeld en gedood
Bij de demonstraties van afgelopen zondag in Harare Zimbabwe zijn enkele mensenrechtenactivisten met wie NiZA samenwerkt, opgepakt en mishandeld. Een ervan is gedood. Ook deed de politie een inval ibij een andere partnerorganisatie, de vakbond ZCTU.

13 March 2007
International appeal for revision of DRCs mining contracts

A coalition of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) launched an international appeal today calling for the revision of mining contracts that are extremely unfavourable to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

12 March 2007
Happy birthday, Robert Mugabe
Zimbabwe's president is 83 years old. Wilf Mbanga, former friend turned exiled editor of "The Zimbabwean", writes to him.

8 March 2007
I write as I please - biweekly column by Wilf Mbanga
South African diplomats in Harare this week whispered some revealing snippets about the current thinking of their government on its problematic northern neighbour. For the past seven years the government of President Thabo Mbeki has resolutely stood by the Mugabe regime. But it would appear that even African brotherhood has is limits...

2 March 2007
MediaNews 24, February 2007
The latest issue of the quarterly newsletter of the NiZA media programme.

26 February 2007
I write as I please - biweekly column by Wilf Mbanga
For 27 years now Robert Mugabe has had his own way in Zimbabwe. At first he could do whatever he wanted to because we the people trusted him. We idolised him. He was our hero and could do no wrong...

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