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Hiphop and NiZA

A retrospective

NiZA has been actively involved in various hiphop projects in southern Africa since a year and a half. Spin in the wheel has been Bush Radio (Cape Town) with whom NiZA has closely co-operated.

NiZA considers rap to be an alternative medium that can be used to good effect in information campaigns addressing young people on HIV/AIDS, poverty and violence. All exchanges were financed by NiZA under the Media Programme. The Dutch Madunia Foundation is closely involved in several initiatives.

2000 – April: HIVhop
In April 2001 Bush Radio (Cape Town) was the first in South Africa to start a radio information campaign aimed at informing young people on HIV, in its hiphop show entitled ‘Headwarmers’. In co-operation with local rappers, Bush Radio uses rap as a medium with a message. Rapper Shaheen Ariefdien is the leader of the HIVhop team at Bush Radio.
See also: Hivhop: An informed decision saves lives (MediaNews 2, April 2001)

2000 – October : Block Jam
On the invitation of NiZA, Shaheen Ariefdien and two other rappers visited the Netherlands. They presented the Cape HIVhop project to Amsterdam youngsters in workshops, held in the Amsterdam Bijlmer district. The exchange was concluded with a performance during the Amsterdam-Cape Town Block Jam in Akhnaton, Amsterdam.

2000 – December
Amsterdam hiphop artists MC Complex (Adeiye Tjon Tam Pau) and MC Fit (Glen Fariah) visited Bush Radio in Cape Town, where they attended and gave workshops and performed during a rap concert on World AIDS Day.
See also: artikel MC FIT: Hiphop as a Way of Life (MediaNews 4, December 2001)

2001 – March: Dubbelklik
In March 2000 two young Amsterdam rappers, Pamela Galdey and Paul Faverus, paid a working visit to Bush Radio. Their experiences in Cape Town were incorporated in the AVRO ‘Dubbelklik’ television programme.

2001 – March: Tanzania
The Dutch artists 2Tall (Ricardo Cairo, co-rapper with Brainpower) and Skate the Great (Richard Simon, rapper with Extince) and two South African rappers (Devious and EJ von Lyric) travelled to Dar es Salaam to meet several Tanzanian hiphop artists. They attended workshops and took part in a concert. Together, the artists recorded two tracks of the CD entitled Overfow: A Hiphop Journey, a joint production of the Tanzanian hiphop groups X Plastaz and the Fortunetellers, 2 Tall, Skate the Great, EJ von Lyric and Devious.

Listen to the CD Overflow: A Hiphop Journey
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Hali Halisi - Video documentary on rap music in Tanzania (Madunia Foundation)

2001 – June: Festival Mundial
The South African and Tanzanian hiphop artists performed during the Festival Mundial and at the School of Journalism, both in the Dutch town of Tilburg. While in the Netherlands, X Plastaz recorded her first CD.

See also:
Rapping for a Reason : XPlastaz (MediaNews 3, August 2001)

2001 – December:
Eight young artists from Cape Town, together with the Amsterdam theatre company Made in da Shade (, presented the theatre show Diggydotcom 3 at the CPT-AMS Festival, (1)Die Kaap is Hollands at the Frascati theatre, Amsterdam and other places. Hiphop artists from the Cape and the Netherlands performed at the festival, while Bush Radio broadcasted its ‘Headwarmers’ radio show live from the festival. The Cape rappers had attended an intensive training course at Bush Radio prior to the exchange.

2003 - June: HivHop XChange South Africa Amsterdam
Female hiphoptrio Godessa (CPT) performs at a festival in Amsterdam. Also with workshops lyrics/rap and mulitmedia presentation on history of rap and hiphop in Africa.
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