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Hiphop in Southern Africa

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HIVhop: an informed decision saves lives – Thomas Gesthuizen
Read more about Bush Radios’the successful hiphopcampaign against HIVAids in Cape Town…

Hiphop in Tanzania – Thomas Gesthuizen
Local hiphop artists that address social issues, like is being done at Bush Radio are not unique. In South Africa and elsewhere in the world, rappers have been aware of their potential role as reporters of what’s happening in their community.

Rap as a medium: South Africa – Thomas Gesthuizen
Like in Dar es Salaam, the hiphop scene in South Africa is greatly influenced by their American forerunners. Due to South Africa’s history of apartheid, the hip-hop scene has developed its unique political dimension.
(April 2001)

Rapping for a reason – Koen van Wijk
Hiphop group X Plastaz, consisting of the Tanzanian rappers G'san, Ruf-nell and Ziggy-Lah, visited the Netherlands for two weeks in June, accompanied by the child rap group The Fortune Tellers and the Masai guest singer Yamat Ole Meipuko….
(August 2001)

Girlpower from South Africa – Jolanda Mels
Godessa is a three young women band from Cape Town. This hiphopgroup has been sending a wake-up call to young people, and women in particular, in the townships around Cape Town. During a visit to the Netherlands, Godessa’s songwriter and MC Eloise Jones explains about female rappers in South Africa. “We don’t rap about the normal bullshit.”
(August 2001)

MC Complex: street violence is common practice in South Africa – Sanna Jansen
What is the difference between a Dutch rapper and a rapper from South Africa? Rapper MC Complex from Amsterdam says the South African hiphop scene is much more involved in the realities of society. He visited his Cape Town colleagues, as part of a NiZA project. “I feel more competent in my writing now.”
(December 2001)
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