BIDOC: NiZAís library, information and documentation centre

BIDOC is a mine of information on southern Africa: thousands of books, journals, newspapers, reports, clippings and a film, photo and video archive.

NiZA publications

NiZAís own regular publications include the following:

  • NiZA Informatie: Quarterly newsletter, distributed free of charge among sponsors (in Dutch)
  • Zuidelijk Afrika Magazine: A colourful quarterly magazine presenting information and opinion on southern Africa (in Dutch)
  • BIDOC Dossiers: Selected articles and indexes of source material on topical issues related to southern Africa
  • Media News: Quarterly e-mail newsletter on media in southern Africa and NiZAís Media and Freedom of Expression Programme
  • All publications

Informing the public and the press

NiZA regularly organises public meetings on topical issues regarding southern Africa. We also keep the press fully informed. Keep an eye on Current Affairs and Press Statements.


NiZA co-operates with several national and international organisations. A number of these organisations have their offices at NiZA:
  • Fatal Transactions: The international campaign against the illegal raw materials trade that contributes to the continuation of conflicts
  • Amsterdam-Beira City Twinning: Co-operation between organisations in Amsterdam and Beira, Mozambique
  • SANPAD: Collaboration between South African and Dutch universities
  • ZimbabweWatch: Lobbying institution for a number of Dutch organisations aimed at free elections and democratisation in Zimbabwe

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