Co-operation and sharing know-how and information are of paramount importance. For this reason NiZA maintains close relations with several organisations, both nationally and internationally. Four organisations are housed at NiZA’s office.

Our co-operation with partners in southern Africa is dealt with in each of the three NiZA’s Programmes

Lodging external relations

NiZA maintains a special relationship with four organisations that live under one roof with NiZA in Amsterdam. The arrangement allows the organisations concerned and NiZA to derive maximum mutual benefit from each other’s know-how and expertise. Another important advantage is that the organisations have direct access to NiZA’s extensive Library, Information and Documentation Centre (BIDOC).

The following organisations maintain offices at NiZA:
  1. Fatal Transactions: The international campaign against conflict-sustaining illegal trading in diamonds and other raw materials.
  2. Amsterdam Beira twinning: Co-operation between organisations in Amsterdam and Beira (Mozambique), funded by the Commission for Development Co-operation of the Amsterdam Municipality.
  3. SANPAD: South Africa – Netherlands Research Programme on Alternatives in Development. Co-operative body of South African and Dutch universities.
  4. ZimbabweWatch - a consortium of Dutch NGO's concerned with the current situation in Zimbabwe.

The organisations pay the salaries of the NiZA staff members working for the organisations as well as accommodation costs and overheads. Whenever appropriate, activities closely connected with one of NiZA’s three programmes have been funded by donations from the NiZA Fund; the Fatal Transactions campaign (Economic Relations Programme) is a major example.


NiZA is represented in a great number of organisations and participates in a broad range of committees and working groups:
  • PSO (Association Personnel Services Overseas).
  • ZimbabweWatch (consortium of Dutch NGOs focussing on democratisation in Zimbabwe)
  • Steering Committee of the International Fatal Transactions Campaign.
  • Executive Committee and Federation Council of Directors of the South–North Federation.
  • Commission for Development Co-operation of the Amsterdam Municipality (COA).
  • Dutch NGO–EU Platform of the Liaison Committee of Development NGOs within the EU.
  • Jubilee 2000 Coalition.
  • Steering Committee of Africanists in the Netherlands.
  • Consultative Body on Lusophone Africa.
  • Working Committee South Africa of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.
  • Archives Commission Netherlands–South Africa.

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