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Photo archive

NiZAís photo archive contains a large amount of photos from and about southern Africa (70s and later) on various topics.
All photos are present at NiZA office at Van Diemenstraat 200, Amsterdam.
Photos cannot be borrowed.

The Dutch photographer and filmer Frits Eisenloeffel (1944-2001) travelled a lot in Africa. His photo's can be downloaded from:

From time to time a number of Dutch photographers donates a selection of recent material to the NiZA archive.

  • Pieter Boersma
  • Maartje Geels
  • Wilco van Herpen
  • Ronald de Hommel
  • Kadir van Lohuizen
  • Rob Nelisse
  • Ernst Schade
  • Nicole Segers
  • Jan Stegeman

Read more about their work. (in Dutch)