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The role of civil society

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Non-Governmental Organisations Act 2004 (draft bill)
Government of Zimbabwe, 2004-07-31

Zimbabwe's Non-Governmental Organizations Bill: out of sync with SADC standards and a threat to civil society groups
Human Rights Watch, 2004-12-03

More publications about civil society in Zimbabwe


March 11, 2005
Elusive pro-democracy activists leave their mark -

February 18, 2005
Zanu PF Issues 'Traitors' List - / Zimbabwe Independent

Februari 17, 2005
COSATU pushes ahead with Zim border blockade -

Februari 4, 2005
Pro-democracy groups concerned over March poll -

Januari 17, 2005
Call for independent review of voters' roll -

December 31, 2004
Zimbabwe's fight for a free voice - BBC News

October 29, 2004
Independent News Websites Mushroom - / Zimbabwe Independent